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Stanyl® PA46

High Performance Polyamide

DSM is the world's sole supplier of Stanyl polyamide 46. This high performance engineering plastic has excellent mechanical and electrical properties at elevated temperatures up to 290°C. Stanyl's high speed of crystallization results in shorter cycle times. Processing is economical, safe and convenient, thanks to water heated moulds. Stanyl offers important advantages such as cost reduction, longer lifetime and reliability. It bridges the gap between conventional engineering plastics such as PA6, PA66 and Polyesters, and exotic materials such as LCP, Polysulphones and PEEK. Apart from usage in many demanding electronic applications, Stanyl has been successfully used as an "excellent wear and friction" resistant material replacing many other materials including metal in the automotive industry.

Arnitel® TPE-E
Versatile Thermoplastic Elastomers

Arnitel is DSM's family of polyester based thermoplastic elas- tomers (TPE-E). In a steadily growing market, DSM is one of the world's two leading producers of this kind of materil. It consists of hard (PBT) and soft (amorphous polyesters or Polyesters) segments. Arnitel co-polyesters combine the performance characteristics of elastomers with the processing features of thermoplastics, providing benefits in both processsing and productivity.
In the automotive, electronic and electrical opticals and Many other inductries. Arnitel is a favoured material wherever flexibility, durability, high-and-low-temperature performance and/ or mechanical strength are required.

Arnite PBT, PET

Arnite® PBT, PET

Attractive Thermoplastic Polyesters

DSM offers a wide range of Arnite PBT and PET grades. Arnite was among the first polyester introduced into the engineering plastics market, and DSM continues to lead the development of advanced thermoplastic polyester materials. This semi-crystalline material offers several specific characteristics : low moisture absorption, high dimensional stability, a good surface finish, good dielectric properties, high chemical and temperature resistance. Reinforced grades bring very high strength and stiffness. Excellent flow properties make Arnite very suitable for use in thin walled components. These materials are an excellent choice for many applications in the automotive, electronic and electrical industries. They particularly suit precision parts such as those for automotive and PC connectors, fuse blocks, film and various thin walled applications. We also supply a wide variety of flame retardant grades meeting UL standards.

Akulon ® PA6, PA66

Akulon® PA6, PA66

Core Polyamides for Injection Moulding, Extrusion and E Moulding

DSM is a proven supplier of Polyamides 6 and 66 : We fully backward integrated into caprolactam and global a' ability of PA6 is assured through Polymerisation plants in rope and the USA. in addition, we have compounding fe ties in Europe, North America and Asia. Special grades h been developed for efficient and trouble free injection mo ing, blow moulding and extrusion. Akulon is a widely u engineering plastic, with many applications in the automo as well as electronic and electrical industries.

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